What Our Clients Say

Nonprofit Organization

Through MERIT acting as our consultant in order to take advantage of Nonprofit-specific discount programs - it’s nothing compared to what we would have had to pay.
Michelle Hascall
Mea'Alofa Autism Support Center


“I lucked out with Merit Solutions. I have far fewer computer problems than [my contemporaries] by a ton. I have friends with similar practices and it seems like every time I talk to them, their systems are down or they’re having other problems. It’s been phenomenal. It’s taken that burden off, and I know that if we ever have issues they’re fixed almost instantly. Merit keeps our systems running so we can keep seeing pets!”

"[Regarding Haas - Hardware as a Service] In the beginning I went to Dell’s website, but it was hard to decide what made the most sense specs-wise and cost-wise. I’m always big about having someone locally that I can reach out to for those decisions. I could cheap out, but then it would mean trying to troubleshoot it myself. Having someone locally, I can just bring my laptop by the Merit Office and have it back same day most of the time. Plus when it’s time for upgrades, Merit has already done the leg work to figure out what we need so we can spend our time focusing on the animals.”


Dr. Geoff Campbell
Edinburgh Animal Hospital

Law Firm

“My law firm has worked with Merit Solutions, and its predecessor, for well in excess of 20 years. We have been through three office moves, and the staff of Merit Solutions has handled the transition on each occasion in a manner to avoid any down time – working evenings and weekends as necessary to get us up and running on the next business day. Over the many years of our business relationship, we have always been able to depend upon outstanding support for our computer systems. In most situations, any problems that may develop are resolved remotely, so that the solution is usually just a phone call or e-mail away, without any delay whatsoever. Merit Solutions has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of my law practice. I highly recommend Merit Solutions for any computer systems acquisition, service and support.”

Greg D. McCormack, P.C.
McCormack & McCormack, Attorneys at Law/Virginia Beach, VA

Automobile Dealership

“MERIT Solutions has also helped us with our compliance [with a properly configured firewall, VPN for the remote sites, up-to-date antivirus, server backups and secure logins supporting this effort.] With over 70 people dependent upon good computers and connectivity, your company has provided quick support when we need it. We can’t afford to be down!”

Eddie White
Starr Motors/Suffolk, VA

Chimney Sweeps and Fireplace Sales

“Computers make us more efficient and allow us to make a profit. Now we use email to send out automated reminders of appointments. The customer likes it and we save time. So, what happens if there is ever a problem? For over 25 years we have called MERIT Solutions and your guys take care of it.”

Jim Brewer
Magic Sweep Corporation/Chesapeake, VA

Retail Audio Video Equipment and Installation

“One thing I love about MERIT is your capabilities to keep my computer safe. I am on various sites and have at times gotten into a virus or two. You were able to stop the virus through your protective services and keep my computer updated with the latest versions of software I need. Recently I had an important webinar to attend over the Internet. An hour before the meeting, my laptop wouldn’t connect. In panic, I called your office and before the meeting started, your tech had it all working for me. We really like the remote access where you don’t have to send someone out to fix something. In fact, we are now using this sort of feature for our own clients!”

Lee Whedbee
Domes Audio Video Environments/Virginia Beach, VA

Trade Association

“The number one HUGE thing you have done for us is remote access support. It is a big time saver. For our office staff or those working from home, you can fix things when we call and we don’t have to wait for someone to drive out to the office. Another key feature of the relationship is that no question is too large or small. You keep us up to date and let us know what is coming up next.”

Lois Keenan
Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association/Virginia Beach, VA

Maritime Education and Training

MERIT Solutions worked with MAMA prior to, during and after the move to their new campus to assure a smooth transition. “MERIT is very responsive. We have very limited IT competencies, so we rely on you to be our subject matter experts… there haven’t been any failure points as far as getting the right answers in a timely manner. We’ve had very little frustration with MERIT and we know what frustration is since we work on a very time sensitive basis where we cannot afford any downtime.”

Captain Ed Nanartowich
Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy/Norfolk, VA

Church and School

“We were most impressed with MERIT because, we just felt comfortable talking to the guys that came over. [Your tech] came in, looked at the system and talked to us in terms that we could understand. We never felt like he was talking over our heads, and he explained everything. We sat down to talk about the contract, where we were trying to go and what we were trying to do. The fact that he would say to us that ‘we would try it for six months and if we can’t do what you want, we will do something different…’ that meant a whole lot to me. Other companies wanted us to sign a long-term contract with no concessions or flexibility. I like your people. To me that means more than anything because even if I like a product or a service, if I can’t get along with the people, it is still going to be a hassle. I appreciate being able to feel much more at ease about our IT situation here… I am a lot less stressed.”

Sharon Riley
Faith Deliverance Christian Center/Norfolk, VA

Automobile Dealership

Duke Automotive was just awarded the prestigious GM Certified Elite Dealer award. It was earned through high customer satisfaction and advanced training. “Our techs continually train on their PCs and on dedicated systems. Our support people have instant access to data. Our sales consultants can find the right vehicle for a customer. We can’t do this without our IT working perfectly. MERIT Solutions has kept us up to date and out of trouble! Whenever we call or email you, you are right there with an answer.”

Eley Duke III
Duke Automotive/Suffolk, VA

Nonprofit Faith-based Organization

Technology is not a “set it and forget it” proposition with TBNC. “We have a tremendous dependency on being able to take our laptops, iPads or iPhones next door [to MERIT Solutions] and get them configured to include our email, programs and Sharepoint apps. It is great to get your help to make sure everything is synchronized across all of our devices.”

Roy Smith
The Bridge Network of Churches/ Chesapeake, VA

Health Care Provider

When the sprinkler system in their office activated due to an electrical malfunction in a monitor, all of the equipment in the server room was water damaged. Six inches of water accumulated on the office floor. All of the work stations on the floor were also ruined. Suzanne said, “The first thing you think is that you’ll be shut down for a month; but the amazing thing was that [techs] from your office came in and set up a new server in the manager’s office and had us up and running before the start of business at 9 AM that same morning. MERIT had been handling our server backups and was able to restore all of our data just as if nothing had happened. The Doctor’s office next door let us use some of their patient rooms, so we actually never shut down, which is truly amazing. I couldn’t imagine it being this smooth, even though it appeared, at first, to be a devastating event. You guys were in here within hours with equipment and loaned us computers and servers until the insurance company came through.”

Suzanne Hubbard
Hubbard Plastic Surgery/Virginia Beach, VA

Industrial Safety Valve Supplier

“Integrity, great customer service, nimble responsiveness and great products are key to competing against the mega-warehouses and huge organizations. I look for those same qualities when choosing my vendors.” So, when they were ready to upgrade their computer systems two years ago, we discussed the Hardware as a Service (HaaS) option. For Robert, “it made sense to continue the same level of IT support, and by going with the HaaS option, we would get new computers bundled with it. And in a year or so, we look forward to new, up-to-date equipment to replace our existing systems, while maintaining sanity in our budget.”

Robert Gaskins
F. H. Gaskins Co., Inc./Norfolk, VA

Nonprofit Resources Provider

“What I love about MERIT is that you are proactive, then you are reactive… any issues that may come down the line, you forecast it first. Then when we call, we are never put second. Everything seems like it is important to MERIT and it gets handled. That’s what I’ve been extremely pleased about.” JCOC recently programmed for a full IT makeover. MERIT Solutions sat down with management, created an implementation plan and carried it out in phases with a minimum of disruption. “With all of the stuff we do, it really didn’t affect any of our processes. Most everything we had before was donated, but with the new equipment, everything is smooth, now. No one can blame the computer anymore. When we do have issues, your guys come out and are patient with our staff. You are also confident that you will get things done. Your company seems like an extended family, like they are part of us… they come out and get things done.”

Todd Walker
Judeo-Christian Outreach Center/Virginia Beach, VA

Nonprofit Health Care Provider

“We couldn’t do this by ourselves. It gives us peace of mind to know you guys are there to help. It has been our pleasure to work with such a helping organization.”

Miriam Beiler
Western Tidewater Free Clinic/Suffolk, VA

Performance-Based Marketing

“MERIT provides solutions outside the realm of what you would expect from an IT support company. Your staff made our move to the new office a lot less stressful by being there for us and our new phone system has been a game changer for us, especially during the snow days last month.”

Ashley Knepper
Reed & Associates Marketing/Norfolk, VA

Fuel Wholesale and Retail

“Merit Solutions has helped to guide Crossroads Fuel Service through the ever changing world of computers for more than twenty years. We bought our first PC there complete with green screen and dos operating system and the most recent, and all the ones in between. MERIT provides excellent, knowledgeable and friendly service with techs who are helpful and communicate in language and terms that I can understand. In the many years of our relationship with MERIT, we have had no issues or disputes. We are on a first name basis with everyone at MERIT, and no problem is too small or too large for them to handle. We always get same-day emergency response time because MERIT understands that having computers down means the whole business is handicapped. I wholeheartedly recommend MERIT Solutions for personal or business computer needs."

Marilyn Keffer
Crossroads Fuel Service Inc./Chesapeake, VA

Multidisciplined Survey Solutions

“Twenty years ago, I recognized how important computers would be to the financial aspect of the firm, and to the land surveying aspect of the firm. No matter how fast my surveying and engineering needs increase, MERIT is always right there. I don’t have to educate you. You already know what I want to do before I know I want to do it. I don’t have to worry about IT. I had a subscription to a computer magazine, but about a year after we started doing business with MERIT, I stopped subscribing to it. I already do 40 hours of CEUs each year in surveying. I don’t need to do another 20 hours in IT. I never feel like you are making a sales call, I feel like you are making a call where you are genuinely interested not only in my survival, but my prosperity.”

John Hill
Alphatec/Chesapeake, VA

Commercial and Home Pest Control

“Customer service is what brought Coastal the success and the long term clients that we have today. MERIT has been integral to helping us make technology work for us. We are totally dependent on our IT systems and MERIT has kept it all running every day for 13 years.”

Lane Hayden
Coastal Pest Control/Suffolk, VA

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