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How Tablets and the Cloud Support Creativity

When you consider the ways the cloud has changed businesses, creativity is not what usually comes to mind first. You may be amazed at how advantageous the cloud has been for those in creative industries. The cloud makes it possible for a massive amount of information to be stored and accessible to people easily from virtually any location. And due to the popularity of tablets, people can access that information and share it at the simple touch of a button. Here are a few ways that the cloud and tablets as a team have improved the way that creative people conduct business.

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How to safeguard your computer

Everyone loves computers. Why is that? The answer is easy: they are highly valuable items. They automate some of the more challenging aspects of our lives and grant us entertainment. However, it’s this value that makes our machines hot targets for thievery. Here are some simple steps you can take to help ensure your computer is safeguarded from such attempts.

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Why Workplace Education is Right for Your Business

Workplace education programs (WEP) can result in positive growth in company morale. Companies can employ this in small ways with informative handouts, education breaks as a group, or by supplying full or half day classes to employees. In either case, learning new things keeps people inspired and exercises their minds. Employees will feel like you value them as it supports their personal goals of furthering their careers. Knowing their company is investing in them makes them feel secure in their position.

That being said, workplace education programs can be boring and if the classes aren’t difficult enough to maintain employee interest, it can negate all of the positive effects that can result from these programs.

Here are some ideas to make your education programs interesting and fun.

Divide employees into groups – Groups create healthy competition and encourages collaboration. Additionally they help employees get acquainted with each other better, which can lead to an even more supportive team environment.

Give Incentives – Whether presented to groups or individuals, incentives can be a great way to motivate people to pay attention and work hard.

Be Playful – Turning education into a game will help with retention of the materials being taught. Additionally, games also help to develop team-building skills.

Implementing education programs in the workplace not only supports your organization by creating a more educated work environment but in addition promotes self improvement. These programs can be exciting and a fun way to break up the week. If providing classes isn't something that your company can do in the foreseeable future, try implementing something on a smaller scale, for example giving your staff a topic to study after which holding a quiz. Divide the group into teams and create a game out it.  The team with the most right answers wins donuts and coffee the following day. Workplace education programs can be scaled to fit your company; the most important thing is that, when done right, workplace education programs can have a strong positive effect on your company in general.

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Long Live the PC!

Tablets and smartphones have overloaded the market, making portable computing not only highly accessible but also extremely practical. It’s easy to see that remote computing is the next big leap in technology, transforming the way we interact with data on a daily basis. But what does this mean for the PC? When the iPad was created to the public, many thought it signaled the beginning of the end for the typical PC. However, the personal computer is a foundational mainstay in the way computing is done. Even with these new technologies, we are still living in the PC Age. Here are three of the top reasons this remains true.

Desktops Are Still Needed

    Critics have been claiming the death of the desktop computer for years, yet it remains to be a popular and much used technology. Why is this? The answer is simple: strength. There is no tablet or smartphone that can match the speed and utility of a well-built PC. There may come a day when we can harness the speed and strength of a desktop machine at a smaller scale, but that day isn’t here just yet.

Tablets Are Less Practical

    There is no debating that tablets are spectacular and useful tools. However, there are certain impracticalities that come with such a portable device that greatly affect operation. PCs are still the preferred machine for typing long documents, surfing the web and using more sophisticated programs. Unless tablets can find a practical way to replicate the functionality of a PC, personal computers will remain a foundational technology.

Smartphones Are Less Functional

    Any self-respecting tech-savvy nerd has a smartphone. These machines are great for checking email, updating social media or even making a call. Some critics claim that as smartphones become more sophisticated, they will begin to steal some of the basic laptop market. However, the average basic laptop user utilizes laptops to perform higher function actions. Good illustrations of these users are students. Can you imagine writing a term paper on a small smartphone screen? Neither can we.

    While the portable industry has made remote computing better than ever, it’s still important to have faith in the importance of PCs. For more reasons why the PC age is still alive and well, take a look at this article.

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Manners and Connectivity

Etiquette rules have changed now that we are constantly connected. We now compete with smartphones, tablets, and any manner of other Internet-enabled device in direct social situations. Ideally, when we have a chance for face-to-face socializing we should turn off our devices. The more dependant people become on their devices, the less likely this is to happen! Many people commit connectivity faux pas without even realizing it. The following are some common examples and tips to avoid making them.

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